Welcome to the Kryon Automation Olympics!

This complimentary half-day global virtual event gathers the best-of-the-best in RPA. Take a look at the fantastic sessions from leading analysts, top-of-class customers, partners and keynotes throughout the day by the unrivalled MAGIC JOHNSON. Join us for an RPA experience with entertainment and surprises throughout the day. You only need to register once to have access to all sessions.

Join us for the Opening Ceremonies of the Inaugural Kryon Automation Olympics. These RPA Games bring together the top players in process discovery and robotic process automation.  Be sure to tune in as we start things off with a bang!


The optimal work environment is a blend of robots, employees, and applications – all talking with each other and working in concert to deliver the most agile, efficient, and productive workplace. Remote work, WFH and RPA has shifted how we view productivity and efficiency, the tools we use, and how we communicate.

A favorite on and off the court, Magic Johnson speaks about experiences and game changers in his life which contributed to the formation of his personal and professional goals. He will talk about the pursuit of dreams and self-belief, building up abilities and finding strength to succeed.

The automation industry is overdue for a renewed vision driven by a ‘have-to-have’ mindset and technology solutions with immediate impact. Join this thought leadership session by Phil Fersht to make sure you know how to act fast and not fall behind in the rapidly changing digital workplace.

Does Onboarding 900 new hotels on Wyndham’s IT platform on a single day and training all their hotel employees on these new systems in just a few months sound impossible? Hear from a longtime Kryon customer, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, on how they leveraged Kryon Full-Cycle Automation using both RPA and Process Discovery to get this done rapidly and cost-effectively.

During the session, McKinsey partner, Martin Rosendahl, will talk about the latest McKinsey research conducted on how to drive productivity and transform operating model through AI and Automation, and will share his perspectives on common pain points and success factors of automation transformation programs from his extensive experience helping multi-industry organizations.

Digital transformation doesn’t happen in one day. But if you want to stay competitive – it’s worth the effort. Join this session to learn how Visma|Raet orchestrated multiple technologies, including RPA and data analytics, to empower citizen developers and accelerate efficiency.

A demo is worth a thousand words. Tune in to learn what full-cycle automation is all about and how it will enable you to maximize ROI of your automation program.

Some people think that success happens overnight, and meaningful transformation becomes a reality easily or without major investment. Magic Johnson will speak about his journey to becoming a sports professional, and the need for mental and physical preparation every time he stepped onto the court. Magic will discuss agility, flexibility and risk-taking as a player and a person, and how important these characteristics are for life outside sports.

A winning team is made up of diverse talents. RPA robots and employees each have their unique strengths.  Attend this session to learn how to harness the power of each to measure, scale and improve performance, speed processing times and capture capacity gains from RPA, create the right balance between resources, costs, and service and seamlessly move work between RPA robots and humans.

Companies are choosing cloud computing as the new normal. But to excel in this migration you have to be ready for a marathon, not a sprint. Join this talk to dive into the value of Cloud, the unique benefits of adopting Cloud Computing, and why Cloud is the new normal. We will share what we’ve learned from the journeys of others to help you get to the finish line.

To give your customers the service they deserve, your team must be top of their game.  Let’s discuss contextualized hands-on training to ensure they are top of their game.

Capgemini has developed a methodology that orchestrates tasks between people and machines, effectively augmenting the workforce and freeing them from repetitive tasks. You too can pass the baton to your ‘digital twin’ and head for the finish line.

In 1968, Dick Fosbury made a significant leap that changed the way athletes compete. Today, RPA is making a similar jump that will change the way you approach automation. Get a glimpse of this exciting new future.

And finally, Magic will impart his view on social responsibility through philanthropy and building community through his business ventures. Don’t miss Magic’s personal message to the audience for making our world a better place.

Do you have all the building blocks required for successful RPA implementation? Find out how Software AG’s Process Mining and Process Management, together with Kryon Full-Cycle Automation Suite come together to redefine automation.